Wine Wednesdays – What I’m drinking for Thanksgiving

It’s the best time of year!!!  My turkey-day pre-game was strong this year, we hosted 14 people in our apartment for a Friendsgiving feast.  Jared and I handled the turkey, gravy, and cranberry, while our guests really brought their A-game with allllllllll the sides.  
Two of my favorite wines from the evening are below, they just so happened to both be produced by third-generation winemaking families!  I think they both deserve a spot on your holiday table if you’re looking for something fun and slightly off the beaten path. 
First up, 2013 3 Generations Riesling from Lakewood Vineyards.  We picked up this bottle on our visit to the Finger Lakes and have been saving for a special occasion.  Riesling is a classic Thanksgiving pairing as the bright acidity helps to cut through all of the rich foods and multiple flavors going on throughout the meal.  While Rieslings can range in sweetness, this one from Lakewood is bone dry, but with sweeter aromas of stone fruit:  peaches and pears cut with bright lemon zest.  It made for a particularly good pairing with our starter of maple bourbon butternut squash soup!     

Another fun wine, the Lettere from Paolo Palumbo has a light effervescence and is slightly off-dry.  Paolo is a third-generation winemaker, located in the hills surrounding Naples.  Lettere is a DOC town that is known for wines made from a blend of native grapes:  Piedirosso, Aglianico, and Sciascinoso.  The nose was rather herbal, with notes of stewed plums and meat jerky on the palate!  I loved the texture; the bright acidity and slight bubbles paired nicely with our turkey, stuffing and root vegetables during the main event.    

I’m forever thankful for cheese!

Herbed butter bird

We’ve come a long way from the 4 girls sitting around my tiny kitchen table in my old apartment!
It’s become tradition that everyone must write down what they’re thankful for, we had some creative entries this year!

Wine:  2013 Lakewood Vineyards 3 Generations Riesling
Purchased:  At Winery
Price:  $20
Wine:  Paolo Palumbo Lettere Red Wine
Purchased:  Bottlerocket
Price:  $16
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