Wine Wednesdays – 2016 Benevolent Neglect Riesling

It’s no secret that every somm in NYC loves to hit up Peking Duck House in Chinatown.  The restaurant is BYOB making it the perfect place to geek out on perfect pairings.  One such pairing is Riesling, which we decided to follow-suit and brought along the 2016 Riesling from Benevolent Neglect.  What makes Riesling a go-to pairing for Chinese food?  Typically there is some residual sugar (a lot or a little depending on style) as well as bright acidity which help cut through the spice and richness of Chinese dishes. 
This Riesling is lower in RS (more to my taste) and very well balanced.  Notes of citrus and tart green apple are rounded out with a silky, honeyed finish.  The winery only makes 50 cases of this wine and unfortunately the 2016 is now sold out but you can buy the 2017 here.   
Wine:  2016 Benevolent Neglect Riesling
Purchased:  gifted
Price:  $28 retail

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