Restaurant Round Up – January Eats

I was a little late to the dry January club, eating and drinking right up through one last indulgent weekend in SF in mid-January.  Below are some highlights before I had to cut myself off for a little breather!
After years of seeing posts on Instagram, I finally made it down to Marché Maman.  This smoked salmon bowl with crispy hashbrown waffles was filling and delicious!
Another first, I finally tried the famous hot chocolate from City Bakery, said to be the best in the world, and gives meaning to the phrase “drinking chocolate”!  Every year they have a Hot Chocolate Festival with a daily flavor.  Check out this year’s flavors here!
Brunch at Jeffrey’s Grocery is always a treat.  A new brunch item pairs their delicious latkes with smoked salmon, poached eggs and avocado.
Cocktail hour at sister restaurant Joseph Leonard is equally delightful.
An early and unexpected snow day had me craving comfort food, my man was nice enough to indulge me with homemade black truffle pasta with fresh mushrooms!
My dear friend Sydney tied the knot in the most gorgeous wedding at San Francisco City Hall, the food was unbelievable, hard to say that about most wedding food!
While in SF for the wedding, we had breakfast at Jane on Fillmore and lunch at RT Rotisserie.  
But the highlight of our quick food tour through SF was finally trying Liholiho Yacht Club.  While we almost lost an arm trying to grab bar seats for dinner, it was well worth it.  
The “baked Hawaii” is truly a thing of beauty!

And now for that cleanse…….
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