Wine Wednesdays – Champagne and Lobster: Agrapart & Fils “Terroirs”

What are everyone’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day?  Just another day?  Something to be celebrated?  I’ve always liked the holiday.  I see it as an excuse to bake up sweet treats and a reminder to express my love to those around me.  In my single days it was wine, cheese, and chocolate nights with my galentines; this year, my man went all out to treat me to one of my favorite meals “lobster rolls and french fries”.  This is in quotes because I’m currently on an elimination diet and can’t really eat like normal so it was extra special to have an indulgent, yet clean meal!
The extra special cherry on top was the Agrapart & Fils Terroirs Extra Brut Champagne that we shared.  I’ve been slow to come around to understand the nuances of Champagne.  It wasn’t until our trip last spring and being introduced to Blanc de Blancs that I really gained a true appreciation for what Champagne could be.
Agrapart is considered the gold standard of grower Champagne in the Avize region.  The Agrapart family has been making Champagne since the late 1800’s.  Growing and wine-making practices remain mostly natural and organic with minimal intervention both in the vineyard and in the wine.
The “Terroirs” is a cuvee of 100% Chardonnay from 4 different Grand Cru vineyards from the 2010 and 2011 harvests.  The wine was bottled in 2012 and aged for 4 years.  The wine is full of Chardonnay characteristics:  stone fruit, white flowers with tight, tiny bubbles that perfectly coat your mouth.  Notes of toast and yeast are some of my favorite characteristics and why I love Blanc de Blancs so much.  It was a lovely pairing with the rich lobster.
One review I read called it a “poor man’s Clos du Mesnil” which I think was a great description.  A lovely Champagne that is great for special occasions but doesn’t break the bank.  That’s a Valentine’s treat I can totally get behind!


Wine:  Agrapart & Fils Terroirs Extra Brut Champagne
Purchased:  Verve Wine
Price:  $70

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