Oslo Travelogue

In between bites of food we saw the sites.  Oslo is such a gorgeous city!  We did a fantastic bike tour with Viking Biking, took a ferry ride through the fjords and toured the surrounding islands, and made our way through the hipster hoods.

While we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city, I would be lying if I said food and drink weren’t the highlights of our trip.  There is such an amazing food and drink scene taking place in Oslo right now and we somehow tapped right into the heart of it!

Torggata Botaniske crafts all of their cocktails with fresh herbs that they grow right there in the bar!

Craft cocktails at Himkok
We had a great dinner at Arakataka including grilled reindeer!
No shortage of condiments at the equivalent of 7/11, they take their hot dogs very seriously!
We went to Territoriet our first night and ended up coming back every night, it was like we were locals by the time we left!  With an amazing wine selection, snacks, a record player, and the friendliest staff, it was heaven!  

Two new to me and very different whites.
Is there anything better than Brillat Savarin and Chardonnay??
If you’re planning a trip to Oslo I would recommend planning your trip to leave on Sunday as most restaurants are closed on Sunday/Monday nights.

We had such a great time, met so many amazing people, I can’t wait to go back!

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