A Birthday Dinner Dream – The Restaurant at Meadowood

Although I’ve been celebrating this new decade for more than a month, my man took me to The Restaurant at Meadowood for an official start to the birthday week festivities.  
My family have been members at Meadowood for over 30 years (before me!).  I fondly remember Easters hunting eggs on the golf course lawn, hours in the pool, and casual Sunday dinners at The Grill before heading back to SF for the week.  Sitting poolside is still one of my most favorite places in the world, my true happy place!
With such a long history and memories associated with such a special place, I didn’t think it could get any better, but our experience with dinner at The Restaurant was so amazing and only added to the fondness I hold in my heart for Meadowood.
The food was outstanding, but what really stood out was the service.  Each and every member of the team was so personable, efficient (how did that spoon get there?!), made us feel welcome and put a more comfortable/casual spin on the experience vs. a formal, stuffy affair.  We once again win for longest diners that closed down the restaurant after 4+ hours, and I could have honestly sat there for 4 more!    

We started with prom pics before my mom driving us over, we sat in the back seat just for fun 😉 she’s a great Uber driver!
After a cocktail by the fire in the bar, we were seated in the main dining room.  I apologize for the lackluster photos, the lighting was a bit tough and to be honest I was more focused on the experience than capturing every shot!
One of the first courses was their play on caviar service, but instead of caviar, they present pickled okra seeds for a build-your-own blini experience.  One of my favorite dishes of the night!  

Now to a bit of true caviar, with a chilled avocado soup.

Another favorite of the night was this abalone dish with brown butter and Rancho Gordo beans.

Whipped potatoes with crispy potato skins – the potatoes are cooked in beeswax to alter the starch content, making for a mashed potato like no other.

Cabbage hearts layered with roasted cod.

A preview to the main course, a broth of spring lamb.  So good, we had seconds!

Spring lamb with artichokes and purslane.  The “pita pockets” they served on the side of this were so delicious.  This could possibly be my favorite dish.

Perfectly grilled duck breast with “duck fudge” which I can only describe as a rich, chewy, savory fudge.

And now to the cheese course.  Contralto goat cheese coated in a layer of “grape-mite” and grilled lightly.  Served with an amazing slice of toasted bread and more “grape-mite”.

Black apple bites filled with sweet walnuts and kefir gelato.

An obvious focus of the food and experience of The Restaurant is their use of fresh, local, seasonal produce.  Most of which is grown at the nearby farm, which also happens to be located on the property of my elementary school!  Candied beet, rhubarb, carrot and grapefruit!

Full and happy!
This may just top Sadelle’s as the best chocolate babka!
Because it was my birthday we got one extra special dessert, chocolate+caramel torte with sea salt, I mean could they know me any better?!  A handwritten, personal note under the cake made these small touches feel extra special throughout the evening.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the wine pairings but highlights included Domaine Latour-Giraud “Genevrieres” Mersault Premier Cru 2013 and 1992 Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon.  The perfect marriage of my two favorite wines (Chardonnay + Cabernet Sauvignon) and two of my favorite places (France + Napa Valley).

We poured ourselves into a cab for the short ride home.  Hats off to Chef Kostow and team, 3 stars very much deserved!

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