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I recently discovered a new website for online wine buying,  Having never bought wine online before, I decided to take advantage of their $40 off initial order discount and give it a try.  I chose 3 whites, all ranging in price from $10-$20 per bottle.  After my discount and shipping I ended up paying just about $30 for 6 bottles, not bad!
The wine arrived to my office within 3 days, while convenient for shipping, I’m now taking 1 bottle home per day to distribute the weight (never mind the curious stares from my envious coworkers)! works on an “angel investor” model, where customers, such as myself, can put aside $40 per month into my account to be used on wine purchases.  That money is then taken and invested into winemakers and as a “thank you” for my contribution, I enjoy preferential savings of up to 60% off the list price for these wines, as well as samples, invites to special events, tastings etc (although I haven’t experienced any of these perks having just joined).  It’s a pretty cool business model from what I can tell, by cutting out the “middle man” and putting investments into the winemakers/wine and skipping the marketing/non-tangible costs, they are able to pass great savings on to customers, and we get to try new and maybe more under-the-radar brands.  Win win!  There’s also no cancellation fees, you can choose to cancel your $40 at any time, and if you don’t like a wine, simply tell them and they will give you a full refund. 
Nakedwines is opening a tasting room on 1st and Coombs in downtown Napa, set to open by the end of the year.  I will definitely be checking them out when I’m home for Christmas!
Reviews on wines to come – stay tuned!


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