Wine Wednesdays – 2015 La Grange Tiphaine “Quatre Mains”

At the risk of sounding obvious, Chardonnay truly is my favorite grape variety.  I much prefer it to Sauvignon Blanc, so it was quite a surprise when visiting Domaine Le Grange Tiphaine during our Loire Valley trip, that one of my favorites among their offering was a Sauvignon Blanc!
To be fair, if I’m going to drink a Sauvignon Blanc, it’s likely a Sancerre, which is relatively close to La Grange Tiphaine in Amboise.  Quatre Mains is a proprietary cuvee of Sauvignon Blanc produced from 50 year old vines grown in red clay and limestone soils. 
The wine has a richness and roundness (from fermentation and aging in old oak barrels) that was very pleasing to me vs. the typical bite I find so offensive in most Sauvignon Blancs.   
Purchased:  Directly from winery
Price:  $27
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