Wine Wednesdays – 2016 DaTerra Viticultores Gavela Da Vila

I have a fun and different wine for you today!  I recently enjoyed this white wine from Galicia over Spanish Tapas at Despana in Soho, fun fact, they have a wine store next door to the shop where you can grab a bottle then go next door and order tapas to enjoy with your wine!  
DaTerra Viticultores is the brainchild of Laura Lorenzo and her partner chef/artist Alvaro Dominguez.  Together they are changing the perception of wines from Galicia and showcasing all this region has to offer.  
She organically farms 4.5 hectares of vines, some ranging between 80-120 years old!  The Gavela Da Vila that we enjoyed is comprised of 100% old-vine Palomino, a variety I hadn’t had any experience with prior, it’s the primary grape used to make sherry.  Fermented with wild yeasts, aged on the lees for 6 months in neutral oak, and no clarification, cold stabilization or filtering at bottling preserves the rich texture and “bit of funk” in the wine.  Notes of white peach and apricot mellow into a long juicy finish.  There is a slight oxidative quality but nothing off-putting, it’s certainly not full-on orange wine but hints at that style.  A perfect aperitif with our meat and cheese plate!   
Purchased:  Despana Wines
Price:  $32
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