Wine Wednesdays – Bertani Soave DOC

My Christmas gift this year was a cast iron dutch oven.  Anyone who knows me knows I’ve wanted one for years but have debated which color, which has paralyzed me from making an actual purchase!  Mom wanted to force my hand and I’m so glad she did.  I went with the classic navy and to break it in, made a “cheaters” bouillabaisse on a cold winter night!  

Jared tried his hand at bread baking with his new (old) sourdough starter.  Look how gorgeous!
We paired this lovely Soave from famed Italian producer, Bertani.  Established in 1857, they have been making world-renowned wines in the area surrounding Verona ever since.  “Soave” refers to a dry, white wine style hailing from the Veneto region.  Made from 100% Garganega, the wine was fresh and crisp, with a nose of ripe stone fruit and slight herbacious scents of sage and mint.  The palate had a lovely acidity which stood up nicely to the rich seafood broth but a developing richness and long finish brought everything into balance.      

Purchased:  somehow ended up in our hands!
Price:  $14-$17

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