Wine Wednesdays – Jean-Francois Ganevat “Le Jaja du Ben”

Amidst a recent trip through the wine regions of Austria and Hungary (I promise a post coming soon!) we went rogue and ordered this Vin de France from Jura producer Jean-Francois Ganevat.  The name of the cuvee alone peaked our interest (although I still can’t figure out who Ben is) and the wine did not disappoint!  
Jean-Francois took over the family estate in 1998, biodynamically farming their 17 different varieties across 8 hectares.  Made from a blend of Gamay from Beaujolais and a mix of indigenous Jura varieties, the wine was light and bright with a bit of strawberry band-aid funk!  Mouth-tingling acidity made it a great pairing with our delicious dinner at O’Boufes in Vienna.

Yes we were convinced we had to have 2 desserts and they were worth it!!

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