Wine Wednesdays – 2015 Channing Daughters Muscat de Boom

Last night we went over to a friends’ for a late-summer get together.  I love these nights, when drinking wine on a rooftop on a Tuesday feels totally normal, bedtime gets pushed a little later, and we shared an absolute feast of build-your-own pizza comprised of farmer’s market finds.  
The wine we drank with dinner was spectacular (2013 Malbec from Carmelo Patti and 1993 Joseph Phelps Insignia, both were great, for different reasons).  But what really stole the show was the after dinner sipper we paired with homemade hummingbird cake!  Give me anything with cream cheese frosting….am I right??  

I’m not typically one for sweet wines but the 2015 Muscat de Boom from Channing Daughters was delicious.  It’s incredibly sweet (105 grams residual sugar!!) but it was so perfectly balanced.  A golden honey elixir of the gods that would pair equally well with something savory, a cheese place perhaps?  It’s so good it could stand in as dessert sipped on its own if you wished!
Wild fermentation of Muscat Ottonel grapes is then fortified with a neutral spirit to stop fermentation and preserve that sweet residual sugar.  The flavor was full of baked fruits, peaches, apples, apricots, as well as honey and raisins.  I chowed down on the cake so unfortunately didn’t pause for a photograph!  
So here’s a photo of our pizzas instead!
Purchased:  Our friends are part of the wine club, this wine along with several others are highly allocated so I would suggest signing up to get in on the action; all of their wines are great and they do some really cool and different stuff!  If you live in the NY area they are located on the South Fork of Long Island and had a great tasting room for a visit!  
Price:  $30
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