Wine Wednesdays – 2015 Giornata Fiano

A recent gorgeous summer Saturday called for a BBQ on the beach at my friend’s parents’ house.  The only instructions were “bring whatever you’d like to drink” – so I grabbed this Fiano from Giornata, and brought along a pretty delicious peach and blackberry cobbler as well.  I didn’t intend to pair these two things but ended up drinking them together and it was a great match; the wine was full of stone fruit aromas and flavors, with a nice acidity and minerality, a pleasant weight and easy finish.  
Fiano, originally an Italian varietal, really thrives in the dry, sunny climate of Paso Robles, CA where Giornata is located.  Partial-malo and stainless steel fermentation and aging gives it that luscious balance while preserving the acidity.  

A great summer beach wine indeed!  
Wine:  2015 Giornata Fiano
Purchased:  From Winery
Price:  2016 available here, $25
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