Travelogue – Costa Rica Girls Getaway

When a few girlfriends proposed a weekend trip, I knew just the place!  I had filed away the Harmony Hotel into my bucket list after seeing a post of the colorful surfboards and beautiful beaches on Instagram and knew it was just the place for such a trip!  
One friend and I decided to go a day early and got to check out the Andaz Papagayo for a night.  It was a short 30 minute drive from the Liberia Airport.  We parked ourselves at one of the 3 infinity pools for an afternoon of cocktails and ceviche.  We had an early start the next morning with sunrise kayaking in the bay.  While I was glad to check out another part of Costa Rica, I’m glad we only booked one night here.  Since it was on the bay it didn’t have a true beach, the hotel had 3 restaurants and pools but there wasn’t much in the surrounding area to explore.   I think we would have been bored had we stayed any longer.  
24 hours later it was back to the airport to pick up our friends.  We stopped for an authentic Costa Rican lunch before making the drive to Harmony.  
Thank goodness we upgraded to an SUV as the last hour is 14 miles of unpaved dirt roads.  It was a bit of a harrowing journey with less than clear directions, but we made it in time for cocktail hour!
The food at Harmony Hotel was outstanding.  We had dinner there the first night, snacks by the pool, and the passion fruit + almond butter French toast at breakfast was one of the best things I’ve ever had!  The cocktails were delicious as well!
We did venture out to La Luna for dinner the second night.  The fish tacos, goat cheese salad, and molten chocolate cake were so good that we decided to return for our last night and ordered the exact same meal!    
The sunsets were unreal, we logged lots of quality beach and pool time as well as daily yoga even though we were only there for 3 nights.  My one suggestion should you plan to visit is to stay longer!  It’s quite a trek to get to so I wish we had had at least one more day/night.  I had just started to wipe the drive from my memory before it was time to turn around and do it again!  

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