Wine Wednesday – Mid-90’s Christmas

Another win from the bargain bin at Benchmark Wines, we served this 1995 Bordeaux Blend from Chateau Guiraud Cheval Blanc with Christmas dinner and it was delicious!  Not to be confused with this Cheval Blanc, but still good in it’s own right!  
The wine was most-likely a blend of predominantly Merlot mixed with a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, typical of blends from the Cotes de Bourg region.  I’m not sure if it was the aging or this wine in general, but it was rather light, in both taste profile and color vs. a typical weightier Bordeaux (could also be attributed to the age).  The fruit was still there:  dark cherries and hints of more savory fare (black olives) but the acid was starting to fade.  This wine probably won’t last much longer, so if you come across it, drink it now!  

The label may be a little worse for wear but the wine was still tasting great!

I revisited a favorite dessert recipe, this red-wine pear tarte tatin which was a huge hit.  Seriously, make it, serve with a delicious red wine, and your guests will be singing your praises!

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