Wine Wednesdays – 2014 Hibou Pinot Noir

They say your tastes change as you age, and I can say I’m starting to appreciate more lighter-style reds vs. the bold Cabernets I favored in my “youth”.  Pinot Noir has become a go-to, it’s food friendly and crowd-pleasing; a win-win.  
I recently tried this 2014 Hibou Pinot Noir; a small production Pinot from the the Russian River Valley.  It was absolutely delicious.  Maybe I liked it so much because it had darker-fruit tones (blackberries, black cherries) vs. typically lighter red fruits of most Pinots.  There was a touch of spice but mostly fruit, which I prefer.  It was smooth and velvety and perfectly balanced in every way with little tannin and a clean finish.  I’m literally still dreaming about this wine; it left a lasting impression on me!  Unfortunately we started our night with this wine and everything else paled in comparison from then on!  

Wine:  2014 Hibou “Soulajule” Pinot Noir
Purchased:  Lucky recipient of a gift
Price:  $59 retail but looks to be sold out, 2015 is now released to their mailing list only

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