Travelogue – Dallas and What I Ate At The Texas State Fair

Why Dallas you may ask?  Not exactly the most exotic location, but I had some dear friends move to the “Big D” and I was long overdue for a visit.  The man and I flew in on a Friday night for a quick 48 hours.  Our main event was the Texas State Fair.  The fair is now over for this year but I highly recommend putting it on your bucketlist to visit some day.  Those deep-fried cookie dough balls will forever haunt my dreams.  It’s also some of the best people watching I’ve ever experienced!  Pictures below highlighting everything we ate (because that’s really all we did).
My first experience with true “queso” and authentic breakfast tacos at Torchy’s Tacos.

Post-tacos, we headed to the fair.  I highly recommend going with a group of 4, as we were.  This allowed us to sample many different things; all you really need is one bite.  

“Best Taste” award winner – fried Jello, I seriously beg to differ as this was my least favorite item
My first Corny dog (and first corndog period)!  

My personal favorite and a previous best taste winner:  fried cookie dough bites, seriously amazing.  

We searched high and low for this year’s “most creative” – cookie fries.  Creative, sure, but tasted a bit like dry bread.

Followed by a smoky bacon margarita – not good at all!
Had to get a pic with Big Tex
The infamous turkey legs – we didn’t partake in trying these but everyone else seemed to enjoy them!
Not pictured but also sampled:  fried jambalaya bites (best tasting savory thing we had) and fried zucchini (which I didn’t try because I was just too full at that point).  
After a nap and a stomach pump (kidding) we ate a delicious dinner at Filament.  I couldn’t stomach much more than these deviled eggs but they were yummy!  And that’s a lie, because I did order the beet salad and the chicken, both were very good!   

On Sunday with a clear head and fresh stomachs, we headed to BBQ, because we’re in Texas and isn’t that what you do?  
Pecan Lodge and Lockhart were the two most recommended spots.  We headed to Lockhart favored by our hosts to be slightly more authentic and less of a line.  We ordered literally a little bit of everything.  My favorite was the beef “shoulder clod” and the pork ribs!  The chicken was surprisingly good as well.  

After a walk around the Bishop Arts neighborhood, we finished things off with a slice of “smooth operator” pie from Emporium Pies, a la mode of course!  

Pretty much sums up our weekend.  I’m never eating again……

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