Wine Wednesdays – Marc Pesnot 2014 Nuitage

It’s no secret that Wildair is one of the best new restaurants in NYC, BA even says so.  I first visited towards the end of last year and it’s become one of my favorite new spots in the city as well.  
In addition to delicious small plates and shareable snacks, they have a very diverse wine list and offer several different choices by-the-glass, often being poured from magnums, how fun is that?!  While at first glance the list is a bit intimidating, but the staff is super knowledgeable and helpful.
I greatly enjoyed the 2014 Nuitage from Marc Pesnot.  Made from 100% Melon de Bourgogne grapes, same as Muscadet, and hailing from vineyards near the city of Nantes in the Loire Valley.  Marc practises organic farming on his 13 hectare vineyard.  The grapes for this wine are left in contact with the skins a bit longer than normal (overnight), imparting additional depth in color and texture.  This gives the wine more weight and body than your traditional Muscadet and makes it a great food wine.         

Traditionally paired with oysters, Muscadet is known for having a saline characteristic and mineral depth as well as bright acidity.  This wine was no different.  The acid in the wine was actually a great match for the acidity in the tomatoes and fatty tuna in the signature tuna tartar dish. 

We enjoyed a whole host of other dishes including the fried squid, burrata, romaine lettuces, grain salad and their delicious homemade bread.  I can’t write a review of Wildair and not give a shout out to the desserts:  we sampled both on offer, a chocolate hazelnut tart and a berry panna cotta with the most amazing granita topping and crumble that makes it taste like a cold creamy combination of cheesecake and sorbet, amazing!

Just look at that perfect sea salt flake!

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