Wine Wednesdays – 2015 Triennes Rosé

Earlier this summer, I took advantage of a quiet weekend in the city and snuck into Pasquale Jones for dinner.  We sat at the bar and kicked off our meal with a bottle of rosé from Triennes.  I first learned about Triennes after returning from Provence last year; my mom politely declined the pink-wine fad until I taught her what it could be when done well.  She came home to discover Triennes at her local wine shop and it was her go-to wine last summer (proud daughter moment).  
Pasquale Jones is employing the no-tipping philosophy, which I will admit, felt a little uncomfortable when our waiter dismissed us for asking about the specials of the evening.  He eventually warmed up, but overall I felt like prices were reasonable on certain items (pizza at $22 feels normal) but then felt incredibly high on others (a bowl of beets for $18).  Knowing this wine retails for $14 made it slightly hard to swallow paying $55, but at the end of the meal, everything seemed to even out to normal pricing had we ordered and tipped on our own.

Back to the wine, it’s an easy summer-sipper.  Made primarily of Cinsault and blended with Merlot, Syrah, and Grenache it had a slightly floral nose.  The palate was red fruit, strawberries, nice bright acidity and a pleasant finish.  

Considering the hype surrounding Pasquale Jones, I was a bit underwhelmed.  The atmosphere was great and everything was tasty, but maybe my expectations were inflated, I just didn’t find myself loving anything in particular.  It was my first time trying clam pizza, and I gotta say I’m not really a fan, it tasted like clam chowder on a pizza, which was just weird to me.  

Said beets, a bit disappointing for $18
Cucumber and smoked trout salad
Infamous white clam pizza, the crust was my jam, but I wasn’t so into the flavor.
Wine:  2015 Triennes Rosé
Purchased:  Pasquale Jones, NYC
Price:  $14 retail

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