Wine Wednesdays – 2014 McCall Wines Marjorie’s Rose

Is there anything better than drinking rose on a beautiful summer day?  Perhaps drinking rose on a beautiful summer day on a boat!  I was lucky enough to enjoy a rose from McCall Wines while cruising from the Northfork over to Sunset Beach on Shelter Island.  
I tend to shy away from darker roses, although in my head I know that color is no indication of whether a rose is “sweet” or not, I still somehow have that stigma that I just don’t enjoy roses that aren’t the perfect light shade of Provencal pink.  This wine definitely proved my preconceived stigma wrong.  
The 2014 Marjorie’s Rose was made with predominately Merlot grapes.  The nose was rather earthy with a bit of spice vs. bold and fruity.  The mouth was a bit more red-fruit driven but that earthiness carried through all the way to the finish.  This was an easy afternoon-sipper but I think it would be a great rose to pair with a meal as it had a bit more weight to it that could stand up nicely to food.   

Wine:  2014 McCall Wines Marjorie’s Rose
*2015 Vintage is currently available
Purchased:  Friend’s Cellar
Price:  $18
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