Wine Wednesdays – 2014 Contesa Pecorino

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Pecorino cheese, but did you know it’s also a grape varietal?  A native grape to the Abruzzo region of central Italy, I recently sampled the 2014 Pecorino from Contesa over a delicious dinner at Santina in NYC.  
The wine was the perfect balance between fuller body but with an underlying minerality that kept it crisp and clean.  Slightly floral and honeyed on the nose and full of fruit.  It was a great compliment to our seafood focused dinner.  If you haven’t been to Santina yet, I highly recommend it.  The dining room is absolutely gorgeous and the food is amazing.  Bar tenders are friendly and the somm was particularly friendly and helpful, a win win!

Wine:  2014 Contesa Pecorino
Purchased:  Santina
Price:  $15-$18 Retail


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