Wine Wednesdays – 2012 Eisacktaler Kellerei Cantina Chardonnay

Tra Vigne has been a Napa Valley institution for the better part of my entire life (28 years to be exact).  Sadly they are closing their doors as of December 20th.  While I was home over Thanksgiving, I went not once, but twice to savor their amazing “mozzarella al minuto” for the last time.  

The mozzarella is literally pulled the “minute” you order and is table-side within 30 seconds.  It’s warm, gooey, and drenched in grassy olive oil and flaky sea salt, absolute perfection on warm toasty bread!
We also cleared their cellar of a delicious Italian Chardonnay from Eisacktaler Kellerei Cantina.  Located in the Alto Adige region in northern Italy, the cooler climate produces higher acid, crisp wines.  Slow, cold fermentation and aging in stainless steel help to preserve the acidity in this Chardonnay, which makes it the perfect compliment to the mozzarella, the acid cut nicely through the rich cheese and salty olive oil.  

Here’s hoping they bring the mozzarella recipe to their sister restaurant Pizzeria Tra Vigne!

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