Wine Wednesdays – 1986 Chateau Mazeris

I was treated to another birth-year wine (let’s face it, it’s pretty much expired next year once it hits 30 right?!).  This time, a right bank Bordeaux from the Canon Fronsac appellation.  We opened it right before drinking, concerned that it might quickly fall flat after opening, but what a pleasant surprise it was!  Sure, it had a bit of that “old wine” smell, but the taste was full of classic Bordeaux, dark fruits, soft tannins, cherry jam.  

So old the label’s coming off….and what do they say about me?!
I served hanger steaks with this kale anchovy butter, such a hit!  This butter will certainly be heavy in the rotation going forward.  We also used it to butter our grilled corn, and I put it on grilled shrimp later in the week, I think it would compliment almost anything!
We had just enough wine left to enjoy our dessert, a peach and blackberry crisp, a perfect pairing indeed. 
The best part?  The wine was $11.99, found in the bargain bin.  Just goes to show, it sometimes pays to take a chance on an oldie!

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