Wine Wednesdays – La Pépie 2013 Rosé

It’s almost here, I can feel it.  Spring, maybe?  Is that you?
I tasted my first glass of rosé of the season this past weekend.  Maybe a bit ambitious as today looks to be a high of 45 degrees.  
As for the wine, it was a bit heavy for my taste.  La Pépie, or the “funky chicken” 2013 rosé hails from the Loire Valley in France.  The wine is made by Marc Ollivier, one of the predominant Muscadet producers in the region, known for minimal winemaker intervention, natural fermentation and stainless steel aging.  The wine was medium bodied, predominantly Cabernet Franc, which was definitely apparent in the palette, with notes of earth and a hint of pepper.  It was still very much fruit forward tasting of bright, sour cherries and juicy strawberries.  While not my favorite rosé, it was a nod to the upcoming season!

Purchased:  Backlabel Wines
Price:  $13
Would Buy Again:  No

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