Wine Wendesdays with Uplift Studios

Last week I partnered with Uplift Studios to host a very special Wine Wednesday, Uplift Your Wine Education night.  We walked through the basics of tasting, tips for ordering in a restaurant, and busted some of the most prominent wine myths out there.  I poured four wines, 2 Chardonnays and 2 Cabernet Sauvignons.  I think I found a few more “ABC” Chardonnay converts!


My favorites were the Newton 2012 Red Label Chardonnay, with just enough oak to be medium bodied and “creamy” and the Avalon 2012 Cab, which was rich with black fruit and a hint of oak giving it a velvety vanilla finish.
All wines can be found at Manor House Cellar in Flatiron.  Mention Uplift or Chardonnay Moi for 10% off!




One thing I learned from the pictures of the night – I like to talk with my hands!
If you’re looking to host a wine tasting event please contact me, I’m always looking to collaborate and spread the good wine word 😉


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