Wine Wednesdays – The Art of Blending

Of course we all know there’s quite a bit of science that goes into winemaking….but I’ll admit my knowledge extends about as far as the basic equation of fermentation (I much prefer the consumption side of things).
While home I got to unleash my inner vintner and experiment with blending percentages of our 2013 Cabernet and Syrah.  
It all starts with a little handy-dandy tool called a “pipette”.  We measure out mLs of each varietal and blend to get percentages that would be representative of the bigger blend. 
A fun experiment but hard work with all those exact measurements!

I put together 3 different blends and then shared them with our family and friends who were more than happy to be the final judges!

Stay tuned to find out the final blend, coming Spring 2015!
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