Bucket List Recap – Summer 2014

So summer sure did fly by!  This was the first year that I’ve ever made a summer bucket list, and I really think that by writing it down and putting it out there I was that much more aware of taking advantage of all that summer has to offer.
Overall I did pretty well!

1.  Cross a few beach reads off my list (Starting with thisthis, and this) – I’m halfway through The Interestings, and didn’t get to the other two I listed, but I did read several other books this summer including Big Little Lies, The Vacationers, and The Flamethrowers.

2.  Attend an outdoor movie night – I was able to hit up not one but 2 outdoor movies!  Picnic perfection

Not a bad backdrop….Beetlejuice in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Hunger Games Catching Fire on the Hudson River

3.  Sample a new-to-me ice cream shop in NYC (I’ve never visited Cones which is literally 2 blocks from my apartment, but if I’m feeling ambitious, salted crack caramel is calling my name) – Didn’t get to either of these ice cream shops, but sampled the best ice cream Maine and Newport had to offer!

4.  Take a summer themed wine tasting class (maybe this one or this one) – I made it to “Bad Ass Whites” at NY Vintners

5.  Jam something – there’s always next year, I did “quick pickle” jalapeños

6.  Attend an outdoor concert – NY Philharmonic in Prospect Park

7.  Attempt to recreate the summer tart from our cooking class – simply delicious

8.  Add some new bike routes to my repertoire – multiple bike rides around Montauk as well as a new ride back home from St. Helena down to Yountville (Bouchon croissants make the ride totally worth it!)

9.  Take a boat ride – this totally counts – knocked this off while in Maine at Migis Lodge

I know I’m a few weeks late but inspired by my success I’m working on a fall bucket list – stay tuned!
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