Wine Wednesdays – Four Vines Naked 2012 Chardonnay

A highlight from our trip was a stop at the Langsford Road Lobster Pound in Kennebunkport.  A shop clerk in Ogunquit recommended it as his favorite place “off the beaten path” for fresh lobster literally pulled out of the water and cooked before your eyes.  And boy was he right!

We stopped by on Labor Day afternoon.  Truth be told it was our second “lunch” as we had already split a lobster roll at Clam Shack, but I just had to try Langsford!  Expecting to grab a lobster and hit the road, we ended up sitting on the back deck, the setting was begging for an afternoon glass of vino, good thing we had a couple of bottles in the car en route to our next destination.

That day the lobster boat had picked up these rare white lobsters as well as a blue lobster!
Couldn’t bring myself to name my little guy, but he was tasty!
The set up, notice the melted butter in the coffee pot!
Talk about “one pot” meals!
Pulling fresh lobster out of the water below
I grabbed this Four Vines Naked 2012 Chardonnay purely because of the name and the price.  After our first night experience being mislead by what was an overly oaked bottle, I figured it must be a safe bet if it says “unoaked” right there on the label!  Mom was a big fan.  Bright, lemon and stone fruit flavors, easy to drink, and the balanced acidity paired well with the fresh lobster and rich drawn butter.  A happy coincidence and a reminder to always travel with a bottle of vino, you never know when you’ll want to pull it out and enjoy!

Keepin’ it classy with styrofoam chowder cups as glasses – this place is bare bones in the BEST way!
Best part of the afternoon and what truly made us linger were our new friends that were nice enough to share their picnic table.  Love when lobster brings people together 🙂

Wine:  2012 Four Vines Naked Chardonnay
Purchased:  Village Market, Ogunquit, ME
Price: $12.99
Would buy again: Yes!
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