Migis Lodge AKA Adult Summer Camp

The highlight of our trip to Maine was the two days we spent at Migis Lodge in South Casco.  About 25 miles inland from Portland, we were trasnported to a different world and thrown back in time to the era of dinner jackets, relish plates, and the “American Plan” way of life.  
We decided to stay in a lodge room vs. a private cabin, the view from the deck was just too good to pass up.  Bonus that we didn’t have to worry about finding our way back home in the dark after a few glasses of wine at the lodge.

View from our private balcony
Our room was the perfect log cabin, so cozy with a fireplace and all, unfortunately it never got cool enough to light, but added to the overall theme.

We arrived on Labor Day just in time for cocktail hour.  
As the sun set we made new friends who were full of knowledge about the surrounding areas (and full of recommendations for more lobster/ice cream destinations!).
New friends Barry and Ginger!

Soon it was time to retire to the dining room for dinner.  Dinner was a 4 course affair, 5 if you count the relish plate!  

Old school relish plate!
Pretty sure I ended every meal at Migis (except breakfast) with ice cream in some form, here a hard shell sundae!
We climbed into bed with a view of this almost full moon reflecting over the lake.
We fell asleep the minute our happy heads hit the pillow.  Next thing we knew it was morning, we eagerly jumped out of bed to see what awaited us on day 2.

The fog on the lake was gorgeous and reminded me a bit of home.  We took a walk around the property before heading in to the dining room for breakfast.

Another multi-course affair!  Anything our little hearts desired!  Of course I had to have lobster with my eggs, and a side of Maine blueberry pancakes just because!

After breakfast we did pilates on the lake while we waited for the sun to come out.

As soon as we finished the skies were clearing and we hopped on board the Tykona II vintage Chris-Craft cruiser and went for a ride around the lake.

View of the lodge from the lake
Lunch was on cookout point overlooking the water; compartmentalized trays enhanced the summer camp vibe!

After lunch I decided to try waterskiing.  Pretty sure it’s been a solid 12 years since I’ve been skiing, but I used to brag that I could do it without ever getting my hair wet!
Instructor Alden eased me into the water and calmed my fears.

Turns out it’s just like riding a bike!  Success!

Check that off the list….I think I can wait another 10 years to try that again, while fun, it sure is tough on your knees!
We spent the afternoon lounging lakeside, snoozing, and making use of the kayaks and paddleboards around the property.
Do I look just like the celebrities SUP in US Weekly??
I stayed in my suit until the sun began to drop.  Then it was time for cocktail hour at the lodge!

Golden hour just so happens to coincide with happy hour!
I could have stared at this view for hours more, but alas, it was time to eat again, go figure!  One more delicious dinner in the dining room then up to bed.
We woke up and did it all over again before heading off to Portland.  Migis was such a magical experience, I can’t even fully do it justice with these pictures.  I can’t wait to go back!
If you’re looking for a family friendly vacation spot for family members young and old I can’t recommend Migis enough!
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