Summer in the City – Thoughts on the Weekend

What was looking to be a wash-out of a weekend here in the Northeast actually proved to be somewhat nice.  My first weekend in the city since early June, I forgot how magical the city can be on summer weekends.  Your choice of restaurant tables, empty streets perfect for strolling, and with lower than average temps, no humidity and little rain we got to spend lots of comfortable time outside.
Not really knowing what to do with myself on a Saturday in the city, I decided to stroll through the Union Square farmer’s market.  Which reminded me of the pictures I took while visiting the St. Helena Farmer’s Market back home last month.  Farmer’s Markets have become my happy place.  Walking through admiring the rainbow of colors, tasting the freshest tree-ripened peach or latest culinary curiosity, I have such an appreciation for the simple pleasures and beauty to be had!

Rounding out the weekend with a stack of magazines by the pool (even if under a towel for warmth), a sunset cocktail on the roof of the met and a dinner with friends in a charming back garden was just was summer weekends in the city are made for.

Ombre sunset drinks

I hope you all had a restful and relaxing weekend wherever you may be.  
Cheers to making the most of these last few summer weekends, happy August!

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