Highlights from Home

Happy Friday!  Two weeks later and I feel like I’m just settling in to being back in NY, isn’t January supposed to be a quiet and restful month?!?!  At least we have a 3 day weekend, those first full weeks back have been brutal.
My favorite visitor just showed up on my doorstep (hi Mom) for a family friend’s Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  So we’ll be playing/eating/drinking/shopping around the NY area.  
As I continue to catch up….below are a few more highlights from my time at home. 

The manzanita tree we cut at Thanksgiving all dressed up at night!

Gorgeous Christmas table with Grandma and Papa watching over us

Too much wine! 

Don’t let the picture fool you, this wine bottle was the equivalent of 4 bottles!

Ella in her Christmas pink puffer coat! 

Engagement party for Stef and Amy 

NYE spread

Lots of hiking and time spent outdoors…it was 70 degrees the entire time!

California….I Love You!
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