Wine Wednesdays – Friendsgiving Edition

This past Sunday I hosted my second annual Friendsgiving, and boy did we step up our game.  While last year was great, this year we really took things to the next level, amazing new recipes, fabulous wine, and of course many laughs. 
Thanksgiving really is my favorite meal.  This year feels particularly exciting as I missed out last year by going to Morocco instead of home.  And while the trip was wonderful, lamb tagine just doesn’t exactly have the same nostalgia as turkey!  And I missed my family.  Speaking of, I’m on a plane as we speak heading home for the week, just beating super-storm Boreas, guess it’s going to be a brutal winter!
Anyways, back to the food, and more importantly the wine!  My friend Sarah brought a Beaujolais Villages 2013 Nouveau that was particularly tasty!  She asked the clerk at her local wine shop for a “red wine for mostly white drinkers” and he nail it with his suggestion!  Light, well balanced, fruity, with a slightly spicy bite on the finish.  It was the perfect compliment to our meal.
So many of the recent wine newsletters have highlighted what to bring for Thanksgiving, and Beaujolais has been listed several times, but this was my first experience with the varietal.  Hailing from the region just south of Burgundy, Beaujolais’ are made from the Gamay grape.  The unique thing about Beaujolais is that the wine is harvested, bottled and released all within the same year, no aging required.  The wine is typically released the 3rd Thursday in the month of November, making it the perfect Thanksgiving wine.  
I was pretty proud of my table scape!
Hot flashes on the coldest day of the year! – Just kidding, my apartment gets unbearably hot!
Yay for friends in small spaces!

She’s back!  My original NY roomie Emily just moved in around the corner!

Ina Garten’s roasted turkey roulade

The spread!

It’s a miracle this all came out of my teeny tiny oven!
Best meal of the year!
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving full of all of the above!

Wine:  L. Et R. Dufaitre Beaujolais-Village Nouveau 2013
Purchased:  The Green Grape, Fort Green
Price: $14.99
Would buy again: Yes!

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