Wine Wednesdays

Welp, I missed last week’s Wine Wednesday, technical difficulties as I was in Cabo for a friend’s birthday, cheating on wine with margs, oops, forgive me?
This rose was surprisingly delightful.  Enjoyed during what was probably the last of the warm summer nights we experienced in NYC last week. We picked up a bottle at Bottlerocket, one of my favorite wine shops in NYC and walked across the Brooklyn bridge, setting up a cocktail hour picnic as the sun set and the lights of the city came on.  Walking the Brooklyn bridge is one of my favorite things to do in the city, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting! Once it got too dark (and the wine ran out) we made our way over to Vinegar Hill House.  We sat outside in their adorable backyard and the food was excellent!
Now back to that rose, light, clean, refreshing and most importantly that perfect shade of pink, signaling a dry rose, none of that sweet syrupy stuff for me!  We paired it with fresh figs, manchego cheese and prosciutto for a perfect picnic.

Wine:  Jolie Folle 2012 Rose
Purchased:  Bottlerocket Wine and Spirits
Price: $16
Would buy again: Yes!
**Bonus – the wine comes in a full liter bottle vs. the standard 750ml = more for sharing! 

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