Wine Wednesdays – Book Club Edition

Book club took me to Brooklyn this week, to my friend Sarah’s lovely Fort Green apartment, one of the lucky few with enough space to host a crowd!
The book was James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room.  

The wine was 2011 Weinhof Scheu Spatburgunder.  
Yea, I’d never heard of such a thing either!  It was a German Pinot Noir, from the Alsace region.  As my book club comrade described it, it was a “fairy wine” so light it was like it barely happened as it passed your lips.  But not in an unpleasant way.  Maeve brought the wine from Thirst wine shop, who suggested putting the wine in the fridge for a bit to chill before serving.  After some discussion of the book, we brought the wine out to pair with dessert.  The first sips proved to be overwhelmingly “jammy” with bold, ripe, black fruit, and definitely more off-dry and sweet compared to the typical US Pinot full of spice and tannins.  But after opening up for a few minutes, the wine quickly became a favorite.  Well structured and balanced, “fairy” light, and easy to drink.  The wine paired wonderfully with Sarah’s coconut-almond cake, and my pumpkin caramel chocolates.  I’d love to try again with a fall inspired pork or beef dish. 

Our spread! 

Pumpkin caramel chocolate bark
And as to the book, I really enjoyed it! Baldwin’s take on conflicting morality, expats, and homosexuality in the cafe society of 1950’s Paris. A quick read, I would highly recommend it, and it made for a great discussion as well!

Wine:  2011 Weinhof Scheu Spatburgunder
Purchased:  Thirst Wine shop – Fort Green, Brooklyn
Price: $14.99
Would buy again: Yes!
**I’m having some trouble locating this wine online; so best to ask your local wine shop.  

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