Wine Wednesdays

I recently had my first experience with the NY Jazz scene, something that’s been on my bucket list ever since I first saw the SATC episode where Carrie dates “Ray” (anyone??). 
Last week I ventured north to 106th and Broadway to Smoke Jazz and Supper Club.  There are 2 dinner seatings on weeknights, and apparently a great jazz brunch on weekends.
We settled in for dinner and the show, and ordered a bottle of The Messenger Red Wine #1.  The wine was very drinkable, well-rounded as evident of the blend, with the mouth feel of a younger cab.  A slightly spicy end note paired perfectly with our BBQ meals.  Produced in Napa by Art+Farm Wine, sustainably farmed, and moderately priced.  All wins in my book.
And if you’re looking for a fun night out in NYC, I highly recommend Smoke!

Wine:  Art+Farm Wine The Messenger Red Wine #1
Purchased:  Smoke Jazz and Supper Club
Price:  $18 retail
Would buy again:  Yes!


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