Guilt-Free PB Blondies to End the Week!

As we wrapped up a solid 12 day, post fashion-week, work week, I thought I’d bring a treat for my coworkers.  
I decided to try these salted PB blondies, made with chickpeas!  Flour, sugar, and butter free!  I subbed PB2 powdered peanut butter for even more calorie saving.  And they were a hit!  There was one remark that these might not have been as indulgent as my Nutella stuffed sugar cookies that I’ve made in the past….but who doesn’t love a guilt-less treat at the end of a long week?  And with these, we could all help ourselves to two!
Happy Weekend!
Could not be easier – throw ingredients in food processor and blend! 
TJ’s was out of chocolate chips, so I made do with some leftover Hershey’s minis in dark and milk chocolate.
Add chips to batter and pour into greased pan, bake, and voila!
Not the prettiest, but they didn’t last long on the plate!
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