Lobster Fest in an NYC Apartment!

In celebration of the birth of my dear cousin and BFF, Augusta, we threw a lobster dinner party in her West Village studio.  Quite a feat if you ask me but a total success! 

We picked up whole, cooked, and cracked lobsters at The Lobster Place
For appetizers we made edamame hummus and lemon-dill-yogurt dip to accompany fresh veggies and pita chips.
We set the table with that day’s NY Times, lobster bibs, drippy candles in wine bottles and lemon rinds on the table to channel that beachy feel.
Oh hey little guy!

Not a fan of the tentacles…..
Kisses vs. Bites
In addition to the lobster we made a side salad, recipe adapted from this cornbread panzanella.  I used Pioneer Woman’s skillet cornbread recipe substituting coconut oil for shortening and making my own buttermilk with milk/lemon. 

“It’s the CLAW!”
Toasting the Birthday Girl!

The request of the birthday girl was “trashy cake” just like we used to have in high school for someones birthday. I couldn’t bring myself to leave it entirely up to the box/can, so I compromised, making this chocolate cake (it’s vegan!) and frosting with classic rainbow chip straight out of the can. On the side to make it even trashier, I whipped up this no-ice-cream-maker cake batter and golden Oreo ice cream, a winning combination if I do say so myself!

Big Wishes!

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