Wine Wednesdays

Since starting “Wine Wednesdays” I’ve started taking photos of wine, writing down tasting notes in my iphone and trying to keep it all straight to come back and write about it here.  This past weekend I was introduced to an app called Vivino that has totally changed my life!  Vivino allows you to take a picture of a wine bottle, upload the picture to the app which then scans it and spits back all of the background information about the wine including varietal, year, producer, price point and even suggests where you can buy it!  You have the option of creating a virtual cellar cataloging the wine you own and sharing your tasting notes and ratings with friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Like Instagram for wine, you can find friends who are also using the app and follow them to see what they’re sipping on.
Whether you’re looking to learn more about wine or keep track of your extensive cellar collection, I highly recommend Vivino!  Download the app in the app store or on, follow me at Caroline S!  

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