Wine Wednesdays

I recently had my cousin over for what we like to call “mezze night”.  A smorgasbord of sorts, which can vary in region (Italian, middle eastern, Greek, and almost always hummus).  We sit, we chat, we nibble, we drink wine.  This time we had a mix of Italian meats and cheeses, dried fruits, pistachios, and veggies.

I chose a French white from the Loire Valley.  Reserve Des Cleons “Sur Lie” 2011.  The varietal was Melon, a grape I’d never heard of.  It had a relatively soft palate, slight mineral tones and a burst of effervescence up front.  Overall light and very easy to drink; it paired nicely with our meal.  And for $6.99 at Trader Joe’s, I’m sure this will be making it into the rotation often in the future. 

Wine:  Reserve Des Cleons “Sur Lie” 2011
Purchased:  Trader Joe’s
Price:  $6.99
Would buy again:  Yes

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