Summer Kickoff 2013!

Despite less than normal temps, we kicked off summer on Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend.  I hadn’t been in 10 years and Mad Martha’s ice cream was just as good as I remembered ๐Ÿ™‚
We spent the weekend BBQing, playing games, biking, shopping, and eating the largest lobster roll I’ve ever encountered.  Such fun people and a beautiful setting, even better once the sun decided to come out.  Let the summer begin!
Rainy streets of Edgartown 
Waiting out the storm with a glass to wine……

Who knew fudge was laid out on a marble countertop?
$15 investment against the cold
So happy to be out of the rain and ready for lobster!
Biggest lobster roll I’ve ever seen, and a bargain at $20!!
Reppin’ the MV

Old fashioned game of King’s Cup!

The “talking oar” meant for captivating attention and explaining the rules

We made it to the beach! 

Found my house….. 
Life is like a bowl of cherries 
And after….with home made tortilla chips! 

Pre-dinner whiffle ball
As tempting as that sounds….I didn’t try
The sun came out just in time for one last drive around the island……
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