Over the 4+ (insert gasp here) years that I’ve lived in NY I’ve created various traditions with friends and family around the holidays.  There really is nothing better than NYC at Christmas time!  This week I celebrated two traditions with two of my favorite people.  Why is it that this time of year always goes so fast??  One week from today I’ll be back in California to celebrate with my family.  Crazy how time flies!
Macy’s reminds us about the true spirit of the season 🙂

My dear friend Sean who has been meeting me for a tree viewing every year for the past 4 years!
Roaring 20s at Bergdorf’s

I think we have several photos just like this one year after year!
The 20’s must have been the popular theme this year – Sak’s windows and light display
I was feeling veggie – brussels sprouts and kale salad at Kingswood post tree viewing
The next night my cousin and I met for our third annual holiday martini dinner at Minetta Tavern – I didn’t have time to snap a picture of the venison carpaccio or the burger – they were too good to pause for pics!
New lights in the sky this year – World Trade Tower all light up on my walk home

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