Panama Adventures Part 1

Remember the days when you used to drop your film off at the drug store to be developed, and days later you go back to pick them up?  Such anticipation of reliving those moments from your most recent trip/celebration/experience.  I’d sit in my car and immediately tear open the package and carefully go through every single photo, only to be disappointed that eyes were closed, hair was in the face, or someone wasn’t looking at that exact moment the picture was taken! 
I’ve been back from Panama for 3 weeks now, but I just finally got my pictures in order on my computer, and in going through the pictures I was immediately transported back to those moments in the Target parking lot!  Only this time, there were so many more pictures to chose from and many had been screened at the time of the photo to avoid a missed shot!  
It was such an amazing trip, for so many reasons!  I went with my friend Cacky.  She was going down there to help open the first Central American Gap store, I tagged along because who am I kidding, twist my arm to jump on an airplane to a new place!  I must say Panama was never on my “bucket list” of travel spots, but I cannot recommend it enough!
We spent the first 4 days in Panama City.  We hit the discos on Avenue Balboa, toured the Canal, indulged in a 5-course brunch (NYU Sunday traditions live on) and walked around the old town.  
Yes they have mimosas in Panama!  That banana-topped creation above was a pancake-french toast hybrid.  I’m still dreaming about it!
I spent my days by the pool at the hotel while Cacky did her thing with the Gap!
The Canal was so interesting!  We watched a ship pass through the series of locks.  
 The Gap sure does have a certain cache in Central America!  Over 1000 people turned out for the opening party at the Albrook Mall.  The big reveal featured a 2-story Gap and Banana Republic.  We sipped champagne and danced to hot jams in the parking lot out front!
Models in the “Mad Men” collection pose for shoppers
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