Long Weekend in Photos

There was nothing special on the agenda for this long weekend-and I took full advantage of doing several versions of nothing!  Although nothing really equated to relishing the finer points of NYC:  happy hours, long brunches, and trying the hottest thing to happen to sushi/tacos in recent history.

A cheese plate with the girls
Manhattans at Monkey Bar, and a “Caroline” reserve
Sushi and a marg-never thought to combine the two but it worked!
Japanese-Cantina Taka Taka
Brunch at The Smith
Adding to my list of NY traditions-lazy afternoon brunches (3+hours) at the Spotted Pig on holiday Mondays!

Somehow three days still wasn’t enough, lucky me I’m taking a spontaneous trip to Panama this weekend!  A healthy dose of vitamin D is just what the Dr. ordered, expect a full report in pictures upon my return!!

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