Chestnuts roasting….

Maybe it’s the lack of snow or the 60 degree weather we’ve been having,
but it just hasn’t felt much like the holiday season!  It creeps up
faster and faster each year, but I really couldn’t tell you what I did
between September and now, it’s all a blur.  In an effort to get in to
the Christmas spirit I’ve been partaking in anything and everything
Christmas!  Baking, window strolling, visiting the tree in Rockefeller Center, drinks at Rolf’s,
all while listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” on
repeat! It seems to be working!  Now I’m gearing up for a weekend full
of holiday parties before heading home next week.

Bubble-makers at Sak’s-gotta say it, not their best year for window stories

Sean and I on our annual tree-viewing dinner date
Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s-genius retail marketing concept

Snow Princess in Bergdorf’s Windows
Jelly-Belly Dress at Bendel’s
Two Californians at the tree
This pic could use some snow-be careful what you wish for I guess!
Eggnog Cupcakes stuffed with Caramel!
One of New York’s Gems and a must as Christmas time-Rolf’s German Restaurant
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