Home for Thanksgiving-Part Two

While the week at home was full of wine tasting, visiting friends, and even a little shopping-let’s face it, Thanksgiving is all about the food!  We had a warm up “friends-giving” at my brother’s new house in Napa, I tried this stuffing recipe-I’ve never made stuffing before, it couldn’t have been easier and was a huge hit!

For actual Thanksgiving, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house, my contributions were brussels sprouts and cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream, I made mini chocolate cupcakes that paired so well with this frosting!

I’m now back in NY and detoxing from a week full of over-indulgences (they were SO worth it!)

All grown up in his own house!
Making Mashers! 
Cranberry Hazelnut Sage Stuffing!

Good food, good friends, good wine=lots to be thankful for!
Nicole and her yummy pumpkin bread!

Baby Ella

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