Home for Thanksgiving-Part One

It’s the most wonderful time of the year-at least that’s what “they” say and I firmly agree!  I just returned from 10 glorious days at home.  I hadn’t been home since last Christmas, the longest I’ve ever gone without a visit!  It was so nice, although I can’t say it was relaxing as I tend to book myself solid with friends, family, food, and visits to my favorite places, nonetheless it was just the breath of fresh air I was craving.

I would say this glass is half full-life is good!
Visiting Dad at the Ranch

Barrel tasting the latest vintage
My dad’s version of a Christmas tree!
Swanson Vineyards Sip Shoppe tasting
The Salon at Swanson Vineyards-gorgeous!
An afternoon tasting and viewing of Elizabeth Swanson’s collection of Ira Yeager paintings
View from Continuum
Heels don’t go with mud!

Nothing beats this!

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