First Ever Occupy Bond Street

A friend and client of my dad’s recently invited me to a fall dinner in the cellar of Il Buco.  I brought along my cousin who I knew would enjoy the wine/food/good company as much as I would!

The night started with passed appetizers and of course, amazing wine!  We mingled before sitting down to the long wooden dining table.  We were immediately transported back to what felt like a vintage wine cellar in a family home somewhere in Italy!  As we sat to dinner, we were told that we would stay until all the wine was drunk, and that all appetites were satiated, a tall order but we were up for the challenge!  

The night was full of fun and laughter, speeches were made (myself included after a few too many glasses of wine), life lessons gained from our elders, and we somehow ended up at karaoke in China town, as all good Sunday nights should end!

The kale salad was to die for!
Any Abba song really gets us going-playing to a crowd of 2 hah

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