Indian Summer Picnic

Mother nature started to hint at fall this past week, but we took full advantage of the blue sunny skies this weekend for a picnic in central park.  I used to spend every Saturday laying out in central park when I lived on the upper west side.  Since moving downtown, I can’t say I make it up there as often as I would like.  I spent the morning trying out new recipes to share with friends over a few bottles of rose.  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon, now if only we could get a few more days of 75+ degrees to hold on to the last moments of summer-but I’ll take these crisp sunny days any time!

Strawberry mint balsamic flatbread-I used this recipe and it was surprisingly easy if you’ve got the time to let it rise!
My first experience cooking with quinoa-southwest style with blackbeans corn, cilantro and avocado!
And for dessert-mixed berry pie bars
A summer favorite-prosciutto and melon

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