My Homer Simpson Moment….

A staple in the Hamptons are the freshly made Dreesen’s Donuts, made daily at Scoop Du Jour in East Hampton.  Lines often extend out the door (although this seems to hold true for all hours of the day, for when breakfast and donuts are over, people line up for their home made ice cream!)  I recently spent a good 15 minutes in line, anxiously awaiting my iced coffee and donut.  I couldn’t decide between cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, and although I had plenty of time to contemplate my decision in line, I made a game time decision once I reached the counter.  I went with the powdered sugar and it didn’t disappoint.  They take the hot donut fresh out of the fryer and drop it in a bowl of white powdered sugar, toss it around for a nice even coating and throw it in a paper bag.  Within 30 seconds I was out in the parking lot, you’re lucky I was able to snap a quick pic before I devoured it!

Scoop Du Jour-35 Newtown Lane, East Hampton
The glare makes it hard to do this pile of fresh donuts justice!
Perfectly portioned donuts are dropped into the fryer
3 bites and it’s gone!

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