From Market To Market

As promised-a follow-up to my quest to find the most amazing farmer’s markets in the hamptons, I finally  made it to Round Swamp Farm stand this past weekend.  While smaller than the Amagansett Farmer’s Market, it was no less packed with goodies!  I have to admit, I was slightly overwhelmed to the point where I couldn’t even pick what I wanted to get!  Good thing is, it’s close to our house so I’ll be making weekly visits for the rest of the summer I’m sure.

Can’t you just imagine these two saying “come on mom, let’s go we’re tired of waiting in the car!”

There are two sections in the market, one is an entirely refrigerated room for fresh fruits and veggies!

These might beat out the blueberry at Amagansett….

Their pies come right out of the oven and were still warm!  These will definitely be capping off a few house dinners throughout the summer!

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